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I am Lydia Canclaux a French woman living in the Netherlands who has a passion for paintnig. I don't have a specific style or influence, I paint were I fantasize about, what I see and what I like. I always try to capture the emotions I see or feel and hopefully I can convey that to you, my audiance.

My background

My live

I have always been creative as long as I can remember.


When I was young I was always drawing, making little clothes for my dolls and writing stories. I must have gotten my creativity from my mother who was back then always creating clothing in high fasion for her clients or making paintings.


I have always kept drawing during my studies and even when I met my Dutch husband in 1976. It was love at first sight and before I knew it I was living in the Netherlands. There I got an office job and in my free time I continued to paint, especially surrealism.


After 15 years of marriage my daughter was born, which was obviously the best moment of my life.


Unfortunately I had a burn-out shortly after it and I got sick. I had to focus on recovery and this let me to abondon my passion for painting. Occasionaly sketching a little bit, but no big paintings.

Luckily I got better in time and began to paint once more, little by little!


Education in art

In 1979, I took classes at the Academy of Fine Arts '' Artibus '' in Utrecht.
From 2011-2012 I was at "the line of art" in Almere.
From 2012-2014 I had classes with the artist Miriam Wijs.
From 2014-2015 I took art classes at 'Gooise Academy' in Laren.
From 2015-2018 I specialize in a particular group of the painter Ton de Kruijk in Bussum.


My experiences



I participated in several competitions, for the museum of Den Haag. Following competitions: Zomer expo 2014, with theme 'light'; Expo 2015 with the theme 'fierce'.

Unfortunately, I was not chosen to exhibit my work at the Museum of the Hague, but I was invited to the invitation of the committee of promising artists.

I have exhibited twice in the gallery Zaansgroen (dec 2014 & may 2016) 'surrounded by animals' and in the workshop of Ton de Kruijk (nov 2015, collective).
In the autumn of 2016, I was allowed to exhibit in the Ateneu de Tarragona.
This exhibition was so impressive and grandiose that I created a special page for that, click on the button to be linked to the page.

From April 14 to April 17, 2018 I exhibited 2 paintings at the exhibition of the Academic Arts-Sciences-Letters Society at Thuillier Gallery in Paris.

On May 3, 2018, I exhibited 9 paintings at the Sonia Monti Gallery in Paris, France. Ms. Sonia Monti added me to the exhibitors at and An interview with me was also published in Cde Art, 2018-05-March-Avril-Mai.
Click the button below for an impression.


On June 2, 2018, I had the honor of being awarded by the "Academic Society of Education and Incentives Arts, Sciences and Letters" with the Diploma and Medal of Honor of Silver at the Grand Hotel Inter Continental from Paris.
In UniverdesArts number 193, page 72, you can see one of my paintings "The little girl with golden hair".
For a photo impression, click the A.S.L button below.





24 July 2018 I signed the contract at Art & Design Group valid for 1 year.
Vernissage, Exhibition L’Art ou Tourne on October 7-8-9, at the Daume in Paris.

That was a fantastic event, with many visitors at which I was rewarded with the first place for the quality and creativity of my work.  Click the button below for a photo impression.



24-28 October 2018 I exhibited at the Salon d'Automne in Paris with the work; "The girl with golden hair".
An honor to be among a large group of artists has such an important event, since it opens the door to other possibilities for the coming year 2019.

Lydia Canclaux

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