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Lydia Canclaux, Acryl- and Oilpaintings



My name is Lydia Canclaux, a French woman who has a passion for painting and who has lived 42 in the Netherlands.
I don't have a special style or a particular direction, I let myself be guided by my fantasy or by what I see. I always try to capture what I see and I want to transmit it through my paintings to the public.

My background

My live

I have always been creative as long as I can remember.


When I was young I was always drawing, making little clothes for my dolls and writing stories. I must have gotten my creativity from my mother who was back then always creating clothing in high fasion for her clients or making paintings.


I have always kept drawing during my studies and even when I met my Dutch husband in 1976. It was love at first sight and before I knew it I was living in the Netherlands. There I got an office job and in my free time I continued to paint, especially surrealism.


After 15 years of marriage my daughter was born, which was obviously the best moment of my life.


Unfortunately I had a burn-out shortly after it and I got sick. I had to focus on recovery and this let me to abondon my passion for painting. Occasionaly sketching a little bit, but no big paintings.

Luckily I got better in time and began to paint once more, little by little!


Education in art

In 1979, I took classes at the Academy of Fine Arts '' Artibus '' in Utrecht.
From 2011-2012 I was at "the line of art" in Almere.
From 2012-2014 I had classes with the artist Miriam Wijs.
From 2014-2015 I took art classes at 'Gooise Academy' in Laren.
From 2015-2018 I specialize in a particular group of the painter Ton de Kruijk in Bussum.


My experiences



I participated in several competitions, for the museum of Den Haag. Following competitions: Zomer expo 2014, with theme 'light'; Expo 2015 with the theme 'fierce'.

Unfortunately, I was not chosen to exhibit my work at the Museum of the Hague, but I was invited to the invitation of the committee of promising artists.

I have exhibited twice in the gallery Zaansgroen (dec 2014 & may 2016) 'surrounded by animals' and in the workshop of Ton de Kruijk (nov 2015, collective).



In the autumn of 2016, I was allowed to exhibit in the Ateneu de Tarragona.
This exhibition was so impressive and grandiose that I created a special page for that, click on the button Ateneu to be linked to the page.

For the later years I have created seperate pages, please use the butttons below.

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